How my tenure-track academic position isn’t as scary as I once thought.

I presented my research and career path at my departments Graduate Research Seminar a few weeks ago.  I am always happy to share the story of how I got to where I am now so that students will see that

Nobody Puts a Lady in the Corner

I recently shared my research and current career success at a departmental graduate seminar.   During this type of student-centered seminar, I always describe my experiences at the BEST PLACE EVER to do a post-doc (if you are interested in biomedical

PhD Skills: What it takes to make it as a PhD student.

     Many undergraduate students that I talk to say that they never considered pursuing a career in research because they didn’t think they had what it takes to get a PhD.   Then, when I ask them what they think it

Every Child Is Born A Scientist!

A blogger from NPR recently noted that, “Every child is born a scientist, testing hypotheses and pushing things to the limit to see what happens.” (Marcelo Gleiser-10/30/2013).  So why don’t most people know more scientists in real life? … After

The “Less Obvious” Benefits of Attending Scientific Meetings

I am Junior Faculty Member in an institution where there isn’t a large group of other scientists working in my field so I typically go to 2 to 3 research-specific conferences per year. Students often think that the only reason

Summer Research Experience

Summer Research Experience: One of the best opportunities for research available to students is participating in an undergraduate research program.   These experiences are a gift that truly keeps on giving!   Some of the benefits include: 1.  Obviously getting to actually