charlieWelcome to Dr. Garnett-Benson’s Virtual Office Hours

Guess who was the recipient of the Dean’s Early Career Award from her institution?  Me!  That’s right. The Dean’s Early Career Award provides research funding to rising faculty stars each year. The award is designed to help the College of Arts and Sciences attract and retain the best and brightest scholars and researchers (College names Dean’s Early Career Award Winners).  Your first question may be “What did I do to make myself stand out among all the other junior faculty?”.  Lots.   The second question may be, “What makes you so special?”.  Other than my killer sense of fashion (no, seriously fashion comes second only to experiments), that question is a bit trickier to answer.  What DOES make me so special?  Given that 50% of STEM PhDs are give to women according to National Science Foundation, yet only 28% of those working in science and engineering are women, and only 2% are African American women, it seems that I am “special” just by being in my current position.  So how DID I get here?  After being recently approved for promotion to Associate Professor WITH TENURE (2016), I’ve got lots of advice and guidance on how to get here to all who will listen. In 2018, I was appointed to be the Associate Director of Research of my department and I’ve learned even more about academia in this position. In 2020 I made a MAJOR career shift!! Don’t want to wait for me to blog about it;  join me for virtual office hours and start asking!  I am here to help and offer advice and guidance about everything that I have learned along the way (the things I did right AND those I did wrong).  Then start planning your path and join me in THE best career out there….Stay tuned for information about the latest career developments on my biomedical scientist path!

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Wednesday, January 26th, 2020 | 6:30 pm EST – 7:30pm EST