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You’re looking at a unicorn. A huge personal objective for me is to go from being mythical and rare to commonly encountered. Given that 50% of STEM PhDs are earned by women according to National Science Foundation, yet only 28% of those working in science and engineering are women, and only 2% are African American women, it seems that I am indeed rare just by being in my current position in science.  So how DID I get here and what experiences have I had along the way that made it possible?  I’m happy to share my experiences from undergrad (at an HBCU), grad school (prestigious academic institution), and post-doc training (at the NIH) that I think were instrumental in my success.  I can also share pivotal experiences and things I learned over the 12 years spent as an academic professor (at a large public R1 institute). After receiving the Dean’s Early Career Award, successfully achieving promotion and tenure, and training and graduating many PhD students, I made the leap towards pursuing my ultimate passion and am currently working in biopharma to help develop more effective immuno-oncology drugs for cancer patients.  My dream job from the beginning!   I’ve got lots of experience and guidance on how to get here (or anywhere I’ve been along the way).  Sometimes all it takes is knowing what is possible and getting an idea of the options available out there.  Don’t want to wait for me to blog about it;  join me for virtual office hours and start asking.  I am here to help and offer advice and guidance about everything that I have learned along the way (the things I did right AND those I did wrong).  Then start planning your path and join me in THE best career out there!

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Thursday, May 4th, 2023 | 6:30 pm EST – 7:30 pm EST